Toddler chef – how your little one can help you in the kitchen

A home cooked meal is one of my favourite things. Both Carl and I love cooking and it is only on the rare occasion that we […]

The Second Trimester – The Glow – Sort of…

Ah, the second trimester! It felt this time round that the second trimester arrived a little late. Still feeling nauseas at 16 weeks, I thought maybe […]

The first trimester – Nausea, tiredness, irritability and excitement

Nausea, tiredness, irritability and excitement all rolled into the first trimester. For me, this is not the trimester of the pregnancy glow! Now on my second […]

Trying to conceive at 38 – the two weeks wait

Ready for our next little one to join our family, I learnt that trying to conceive at 38 seemed like the never ending 2 weeks wait. […]

Breastfeeding – My journey with Kai

As with the birth of Kai, nothing really prepared me for my breastfeeding journey. There is plenty of information on breastfeeding out there, but until I […]

From home birth to cesarean. My first lesson in motherhood!

Oh the lessons of motherhood!  Ideals?  Ha ha, they have no place in the world of mommy!  I learnt this lesson, right at the very beginning […]

Pregnancy – What I wish someone had told me!

I thought I knew a lot about being pregnant!  Well, until I actually fell pregnant.  I had heard about morning sickness, moodiness, extreme emotions, cravings, you […]

Having a baby – The things you need!

Trying to find out the things you need when your little one arrives? You are likely somewhere in your pregnancy (so YAY!! Congratulations!!) and realize you […]