Everyone can design. It’s in our human nature to work out solutions to challenges we have and being able to transmit our thoughts into tangible things or ideas that spark conversation. I love to talk about design. So, let’s start the conversation and see what you require.  Design and design thinking can take your ideas and make them real!

Design is a process and there are lots of tools we can use to make things possible. I enjoy the process, as its going through this process, that things happen. It all starts with a conversation. Let’s put the kettle on and make a brew, dunk a biscuit and talk about what you want to create.


Idea Visualisation
Sometimes it’s hard to get your thoughts onto paper. Through conversation, visualisation and brainstorming we can work out the best possible solution to make your ideas a reality. By framing the idea, discussing and understanding what is required will form the brief and works as the base for us to start the design process.

Visual Reference
Researching what is out there is a great way to spark ideas and see what process and materials have been used to realise a design. The internet is an amazing tool to start the process. With an initial direction, we can choose the materials and processes which will develop the look and feel of the final design.

3D Modelling
Once we have a basic idea or form to work off, we use 3D modelling software to draw up the project. 3D models allow you to see the design from all angles (yes, it is awesome we know!). From here we can prepare all the necessary production drawings and bill of materials and any files required for CAD/CAM cutting, laser cutting or 3D printing.

Using rendering software we can generate photo-realistic images of the project (even more awesome than 3D modelling) to give you a visual reference of what the finished project will look like before it goes into production.

We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship. We believe that things must be built to last and wherever possible use materials and processes that consider the environment. If we can’t make it ourselves, don’t worry, we outsource to a selection of outstanding vendors that produce the highest quality workmanship.